Yasmina and the Potato Eaters by Wauter Mannaert | Book Review

Genre: Graphic Novel

Written by: Wauter Mannaert

Translated by:Montana Kane

Series: Yasmina and the Potato Eaters, 1

Number of Pages: 144

My Rating: ★★★★☆

Yasmina loves cooking healthy food. Everyday she cooks for her father using ingredients she gathers from her community garden plot. Her life suddenly becomes more a struggle when a large corporation demolishes the vegetable garden to make way for a potato farm. As the story unfolds, Yasmina finds every person buying plastic packed potatoes in frenzy.

Yasmina and the Potato Eaters navigates relevant topics on health, survival, capitalism, family and race. For an 80-page comic, it managed to delve into these topic without using wordy dialog and cramped illustrations. Each page has a lot to say and the drawing are fantastic and meaningful.

While there’s no mention of a backstory, this illustration says so much about Yasmina’s family, particularly the lost of her mother and their ethnicity.
And look at that food! Looks tasty, right?

This pilot volume has a lot of promise that would perk up the interest of readers.


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