Pride and Prejudice and Passports by Corrie Garrett

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Classic retelling,

Number of pages: 268

My Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Our beloved Jane Austen classic gets a retelling in Pride and Prejudice and Passports. The story is set in the 2016 election that led to Trump becoming US President. Elisa is a US born Latina. Her parents are undocumented and her older sister Noa is a dreamer. As the election looms near, they become more weary of the threat of their family being torn apart.

Ben is a politician and Noa is a DACA recipient. It did not come as a surprise when Noa’s romance with Ben did not last over the summer. When he discovers that Noa is a dreamer, he believes that they are not a good match. Unbeknownst to Elisa, she also caught the admiration of Darcy. Darcy is Ben’s closest friend. Elisa did not like him at all. Not only is he a Republican, he is also arrogant.

The thought of retelling a classic doesn’t suit me well but Corrie Garret’s version gave me an entertainment that I was not expecting. While the classic navigates on social interaction, Garret’s retelling focuses more on a political issue with a few touches of human trafficking and drug addiction.

Mrs. Benitez doesn’t resonate much the air of Mrs. Bennet. Mrs. Bennet is a social climber, an occasional snob and a frequent whiner whose only aim is for her daughters to marry well. Her interactions with other people are quite humorous and also embarrassing to the girls. Mrs. Benitez, however, simply wants her family intact. There are very few pages dedicated to her that her character seems rather more flat than her classic counterpart. Garret’s version of Darcy and Elisa are still brilliant. They are both smart, proud to a fault but are willing to change when circumstances require them.

P&P lovers and non-lovers alike will enjoy this read. Don’t expect it to become a classic though.

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